Wednesday, August 20, 2008

GQ Golfer

I never could have predicted this: I never thought I would ever pick up golfing. I guess I just don't see myself in that stereotype. Golfers are pretty much made of time and money aren't they? Golfing happens to be a great distraction from a hectic lifestyle though, and it's a lot easier on your aging body than a lot of other sports I can think of. The game is oddly easy to pick up, but very difficult to master. I say that with only a total of 36 holes under my belt, but I feel confident in my assessment.

I also never could have predicted Keith's interest in the sport. As most of you know Keith is not much for spouting off information about himself, so it wasn't until just recently that I even knew what a die hard golfer he had been in his youth. He's still pretty good, and he looks awfully good sporting a bag of clubs.
He's working on replacing his hazardous, head-flying-off clubs with new ones. We used the new irons today, and here is Keith transferring them to his new, less torn up and duct taped bag.

I'm off to watch some olympic volleyball: Go May/Walsh!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This Just In

I now have my cell phone back (or at least a very close facsimile with the same number). Feel free to resume sending me pointless and distracting but much appreciated text messages. Or if you are my family, feel free to continue to not ever call me unless you have a medical question.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Bounty

It is official. My garden has borne food, therefore I am a gardener. Look at all the different tomatoes I made! I also grew some huge zucchini, but that was sort of an accident. Although the tomatoes have boosted my gardening confidence some, I also had a small blow when I recently tried to harvest some carrots. This is the stuff no one tells you. How in the world can you tell when a root is mature? I figured since carrots were showing up at our farmer's market, then mine must be ready too, right? Wrong.

While I only planted 2 zucchini seeds, the zucchini has, of course overtaken our small garden plot. At first I was overwhelmed by the rate of their growth, but I have since learned that if you pick them small, they are much more manageable and they taste better too. I really like the recipe idea published here for pasta with zucchini ribbons (scroll to bottom for the recipe). I have actually made all three of the recipes there. The pancakes were also delish, the squash goat cheese bean thing, not so much. While I'm on a roll with zucchini, let me share another simple, but great little recipe, courtesy of Mollie Katzen.

Heat some olive oil and pressed garlic over medium heat until the garlic is soft.
Use small zucchini, about 5-6inches long. Cut them in half length wise then place them cut side down in the pan. Cook about 5 minutes.
Turn them over. Sprinkle with bread crumbs and parmesan cheese. Cook 1-2min more, then place the pan under the broiler for a few minutes until the cheese is bubbly and brown.

Seattle Trip

Keith and I recently got back from an awesome vacation in the Seattle area. Summer is such a lovely time to visit. We went to not one, but two fantastic weddings. We enjoyed countless gourmet meals, time with friends, a reunion with my step-dad and amazing scenery. Here are some pics.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm pretty much a hermit

Today I made a spectacular dinner, or supper for you mid-westerners. It consisted of almost all garden fresh ingredients and farmer's market finds: potato, rosemary, leek, and smoked gouda frittata; cherry tomato, mozerella and fresh basil salad; and fresh from the oven organic wheat bread. Since Keith was on call, I proceeded to cook the meal starting around 6:30pm thinking he would either be home soon, or I could cart a plate down to the hospital to him. Little did I know that Keith had already had a fantastic supper all his own! He had eaten at the annual JMMMMC (way too many Ms) picnic! Why did I not eat there too you ask? Because I forgot! And no one could alert me to the event because I am a hermit! I have been without cellular communication for 3 full weeks now. Being the cheapskates that we are, we also have no land line, so here I sat, alone, happily cooking leeks until they and I were both sweating.

I finally found out about the picnic when I bounded across the street to Dan and Amy's house and asked them to use the phone so that I could check on my husband.


Still, I bet my supper was better than his. And I had a lovely glass of Pinot Noir to boot.

I wonder if this is how farmer's wives used to live. Always a step behind. How did they ever get along without the dear cellular?

I am hoping that the 3 weeks less of cellular waves beaning my brain will be just enough to keep me below the tumor threshold.