Saturday, December 8, 2007

Winter is Here

There's a bit of a snow storm across Nebraska today. Keith is on call in the ER waiting for the ambulance to bring him his next crash victim. Not wanting to be one of those victims, I canceled the shopping trip I had planned to the metropolis of Grand Island. This has had two effects, the first is that people I love will be getting a lot of stuff from Amazon this year, and the second is that I have time to blog. Unfortunately I don't have much to blog about, so instead I will post pics.

It's funny looking at these pics. I think they convey a lot, but without some text, I think they are probably totally misleading. Like if I didn't tell you so, you may never guess that the telescope Keith seems to be expertly gazing through has actually been collecting dust since our first Christmas together when I bought it for him. It is only now, two years later, that it has finally had its debut. I would have been wise to listen to his mother who suggested buying the least expensive model out there, since Keith actually likes lying on his back to gaze at the stars much more than he likes fiddling to focus a high powered telescope on distant planetary features. Still, the moon did look really cool that night.

I think these pictures capture the joy of playing in the snow with the puppies and maybe even the relaxed warmth of the fire. What they can never convey is the stench that exudes from those cute pups' coats as the snow melts away from their filthy puppy skin.

Even though I have been yet unsuccessful in getting tall pictures to come into my blog upright, I still wanted to put in our "Christmas photo". What you are missing here, but could easily guess if you ever met our dogs, is that it took us about 15 harried minutes of corralling our indoor livestock to get this perfectly posed pic. And if Keith smile looks strained, I think it probably is.

Hope everyone is having a good holiday. We certainly are.