Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm Sailing! I'm Sailing!

Keith has now been to Seattle twice, and each time there have been record setting high temperatures. Coincidence? Probably. Yesterday we continued our life of leisure in the baking sun by going sailing.

Keith and Trav

Our Skipper (aka aunt Leslie)

Other stuff we've been up to:

Grueling bike ride

Tired us

Hopefully next week will be cooler.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Tragedy Strikes the Family RV

Thankfully, true tragedies are rare in our everyday lives. This week was an exception to that. My dad and his wife Kim recently purchased a used RV in order to take a family vacation this summer. They were only two days into their trip when this happened:

That's what had been their shiny new (to them) RV. It took all of 30 minutes for it to burn to the ground. The forest rangers commended my dad for not driving onto the side of this remote road where a huge forest fire would have certainly ensued. In their haste to vacate the vehicle (they were driving it when the fire started under the hood), they lost some valuable items. The most notable was a laptop containing the only copy of a book Kim had been working hard on. I think it's natural to want to find meaning in something like this. I'm not a spiritual person, so I am not sure there is meaning here, but one thing's for sure: this event reminds us all what is really important in life. They may have lost a lot of possessions, but we are all so happy that Kim, Dad, Gaby and Vron are all safe at home!