Saturday, March 7, 2009

Home Design Update

Once, a long, long time ago, someone requested that I post more pictures of our house after we had a chance to decorate it. As it turns out, Keith and I enjoy watching the Daily Show and reading books far more than we like home decorating, so many a moon has passed w/o such a post. Recently I have decided to work in ernest on getting things done around here though (my goal is to get things just the way I want them just in time to have to move). Today I am happy to announce that things are sailing along. Exactly one and a half years after we took up residence here, our living room is finally starting to look finished, and our bedroom is looking good.

Here are a few of the lessons I have learned along the way:

1) I suck at home decorating. There is nary an item in this house that is actually residing in the place I planned for it. Invariably it does not look good were I envisioned it, and it has to be shuffled. Luckily our house is big, and I can usually find another suitable place for things. The only flaw in this strategy is that it cannot last forever once the last possible space is occupied.

2) Things you see online are never what they appear -- always get a swatch first, stupid. Along those same lines, just because you know what color "flax" is does not mean Restoration Hardware does.

3) Keith does not like anything I pick, so if I really want it, I shouldn't ask his opinion.

4) Home design consultants may actually be worth their exorbitant fees if they can keep you from blowing a thousand bucks on a wool rug at overstock that doesn't really go with anything in your house, and you can't figure out how to get said rug back in the packaging to return it.

Anyway, enjoy these pics. I must say, I do not really think the bedroom photo really does the space justice. In real life it's pretty awesome -- and finished!

By the way, anybody have a good idea as to what to put above the fireplace? I'm leaning toward a western theme: either a picture of bison in the snow I have seen at a local shop or maybe even a stuffed deer head mount (Keith is against the latter). Thoughts?