Sunday, October 21, 2007

Yard Beautification

This week our lives focused on our yard. First these guys (and their monster crane) were kind enough to hall away the infamous Scheffler stone that has marked this yard for so long. Now we have a gigantic crater in its place.

When it comes to yard work, Keith may be a little out of his element, but Lucy turned out to be a decent hauler awayer of branches (of course she takes as many out of the pile as she brings to it -- we're working on it).

Unfortunately our compost pile was quickly overrun with what can only be termed a shit ton of leaves. And you don't even see the huge piles that were hauled off to the dump.

You'll have to trust me that our yard was pristine, because here's what our yard looked like the very next day. As you can see that tree is magic and produces an endless supply of fresh autumn leaves daily!

Keith's dad was kind enough to contribute to the beautification with some flowers. Is it just me or are these guys looking a little tired? Especially that little blob up front. I'm not even sure you can recognize it as a living plant in this pic. I'm sure T.G. knows what he's doing.

Happy Halloween.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Super Sized

We officially started work last week. Keith has been toiling with the new electronic medical record and working up an appetite.

I'm not sure the photo does justice to the sheer mass of spaghetti on that plate, but believe me, it's impressive.

And half a loaf of bread too.

Look at him go!

The puppies are enjoying making a mockery of our pricey new fence by ramming it with all their body weight until the slats pop out allowing them their freedom. Such ingenious puppies!