Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Bad Ass Mountain Biking Chicks

These are old pics (obviously), but with the freezing cold weather and flat landscape here in B-squared, there has been a paucity of outdoor activity ops and therefore related photo ops. I miss the Rockies, but I am doing my best to transition to small town plain type activities. We've cross country skied a few times. Last week I played basketball with Keith and other large, hairy people. I am not in good shape. Running up and down the court for two hours straight without a break nearly killed me. I am not exaggerating. My VO2 max is probably a negative value at this point in the winter. Also at multiple points I was literally writhing around on the court when my calves cramped up. I could barely walk for two days after that. Also I am tiny compared to men. I don't know how to do anything except post up and rebound, and when I'm in the key I get batted around like rag doll. It doesn't help that when I finally had an open shot, a certain loving husband (whom I will not name) reached out with his infinitely extensible mitt and swatted the ball back at me. Isn't there some sort of unspoken rule against that? There should be. I'm going back tonight, but this time I'm going to rig it so that said husband is on my team.